An interesting discussion from

I was recently battling on the battleground . A small argument flared up between me and “Ray Martinez”.

The details below.

So you reject the genetical theory (replication error and selection)
while accepting common descent? Very unique (and impossible) position.
The latter cannot be true unless the former occurs.

And I wrote:

Okay, Ray? He accepts a discredited version of evolution, “neo-
Lamarkism”. Strikes my silly, but I deal with people, like the Nyikos
asshole, or you.

Martinez wrote:

He’s your evo brother, not mine.
Ray (species immutabilist)

I wrote:

There is no such thing, as an “evo brother”. Evolution, is the changes
of allele frequencies within a population. And, evolution has done
great contributions to the medical field. No, evolution has brought
significant contributions to the medical field, creationism hasn’t.

A cynodont in a kitchen.

And Ray stopped replying.


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