Refutation of CreationWiki’s “article” on australopithecines.

“Australopithecines include two closely related genera (Australopithecus and Paranthropus). Australopithecines are distinguished by their very ape-like skull (though the teeth are more human-like than chimpanzee-like), small brain size (between 375 and 550cc), and knuckle-walking stance.”

Bullshit! Australopthecines, walked upright.[1] There’s even evidence, that they, started to develop a more human like brain growth (i.e. longer childhoods), as seen in Selam.[1]

“The claim that australopithecines, like Lucy, walked upright was largely based on the appearance of her leg and hip bone. However, australopithecines have long forearms and short hind legs. They also have curved fingers and long curved toes. Curved fingers and toes in extant primates are readily recognized as having no other purpose than full or part-time arboreal (tree-dwelling) life. It should also be noted that bipedal walking is common among living gorillas and some chimpanzees. However, this mode is not truly bipedal, and is more accurately referred to as knuckle-walking. Living nonhuman primates and australopithecines are probably analogous in this regard, and therefore, neither can be considered any closer to humans than the other.”

Mostly, BS! They forget to mention the plenty of other fossils we found. They didn’t have long curved toes. That’s not true, gorillas don’t have the body form to walk upright. Lucy has the anatomical body parts, to walk upright![1,2]


1 Scientific American, What Makes Us Human, chapter 1.

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3 thoughts on “Refutation of CreationWiki’s “article” on australopithecines.

  1. Adam Benton says:

    I can’t decide what makes me laugh more: their omittance of key pieces of evidence for bipedalism, like the foramen magnum, or how bad their refutation of the evidence they do examine is.

    Ah their arms are well adapted for arboreal locomotion. This tells us loads about how they moved about terrestrially!

  2. Luiz Alexandre Silva says:

    Reading suggestions:
    Richmond, Brian G.; Strait, David S. (March 23, 2000). “Evidence That Humans Evolved From a Knuckle-walking Ancestor”. Nature 404 (6776): 382-385
    Collard, Mark; Aiello, Leslie C. (March 23, 2000). “From Forelimbs to Two Legs”. Nature 404 (6776): 339-340

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