Charles Darwin

I feel most deeply that this whole question of creation is too profound for human intellect. A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton! Let each man hope and believe what he can.

Charles Darwin…


Messing with Conservapedia.

When I saw the Conservapedia “article” on liberalism, I started to attack. Making nasty edits. For parody purposes, I created this wiki called Conservapediapedia, meant to parody Conservapedia.


Secularism is a scientific political theory that the state should not partake in any religious activities. AKA the separation of church and state. All secularism does is create neutrality, so one god political figure cannot promote a particular faith. Now, religious wackos are against that. People in the U.S. don’t know that we’re not a Christian country, the founders of the U.S. were not religious, they were deists. Deistic ideas influenced the American and French revolutions.

Critique of the “Aquatic Ape Hypothesis”.

Proponent of the “aquatic ape hypothesis”, say that we should challenge the standing hypotheses. That is the only part I agree with. The rest are lies. They say that we are the only primates with a layer of fat. I know that is not true, here’s a picture. They also say that weImageare the only primates that can control are breath, I know that’s true ’cause I’ve seen monkeys swim underwater, controlling their breath.

Sharia Law Harmful?

Muslims are saying that “Sharia law is peaceful.” You got to be kidding me. I object! Here are a list of problems with Sharia law.

  1. Cutting thieves hands off.
  2. Throwing battery acid in someones face.
  3. Executing people for blasphemy.
  4. Flogging rape victims.
  5. Execution for apostasy.
  6. Allowed to beat, torture, flog, or execute women.

There are many more.

Turn’s out we Did Evolve from Monkeys.

A person called “AronRa” is arguing we came from and still are monkeys. We share anatomical traits from monkeys, such as, two pectoral mammae, a naked penis not attached to the abdomen, (non)specialized sensory whiskers, etc. Aron also points out that Apidium was a monkey classified in cercopithedae, which “New world monkeys” and “Old world monkeys” descend from. Apes “sit” firmly in Old world monkeys, and therefore apes monkeys.

Unintelligent Design

I heard on No Answers in Genesis discussion board, that some-one posted on “Irreducible complexity”, saying “the eye is so complex, it must be designed.” That is so stupid! He’s apparently ignoring the fact that we have a blind-spot, or we can only see three colors.  He then quote-mined Darwin, even though he demonstrated that the eye could evolve, and we don’t need common sense to confirm it.